About Me

Hi, I’m Mrs. S.

That’s what all my students call me, so it’s my favorite nickname.

I like the outdoors, I like learning, and I like kids.

I have a lot of professional training with children.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development. I’ve worked as a paraprofessional, as a preschool teacher, as a behavioral interventionist, as a habilitative interventionist (fancy term for going into homes to help with kids who act out), and as a parent trainer. Basically, I know my way around a tantrum.

But, all that doesn’t hold a candle to my experience as a mom.

I found out quickly that being trained as a professional and being a mom are two totally different things!

I am basically relearning everything I know from my career and how to REALLY use it in the thick of things. I’m also learning all sorts of things that they DIDN’T teach me in school.

Thank goodness there are lots of moms out there who are a lot smarter than me. I cherish the advice I get from other moms, and want to share it with you- and the things I learn as I apply their advice.

I’d like to share this journey with all of you, especially those who have kiddos of their own or who will soon. Here’s hoping that we figure this out in the end!

When you’re in those moments where “Fit Hits the Shan”, come check out this blog.

There will always be a community of support to help you through, and you just might find some answers as well!!!


Mrs. S


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